Linda Silvia

Real Estate Agent
I began my business in Massachusetts going to real estate school there - never produced a license as my family was transferred to Arizona. I was a full time Mom/Step Mom and worked part time at a local Drug Store however my ache for Real Estate never left me. I started out as "hostess" and then got the nerve to start Real Estate School again, passed on my first try, thank goodness.
I have been licensed in Arizona since 1986 and have done real estate full time on and off since then. During my off time I was an Escrow Officer therefore I have much knowledge in reviewing title reports, reviewing seller and buyer documents and I feel that it has benefited me in my business. I have always kept my license active taking all the necessary classes and additional classes so that I am aware of what is happening in the Real Estate community. I enjoy this business and nothing satisfies me more than handing over keys to a new homeowner or letting my seller know that their buyers are qualified and we are clear to close.. I have been blessed with wonderful clients/customers and most have become more than that. I have firm believe that if I can put my head on my pillow at night and know that I have done my best for a client/customer, I have done my job.
I am Equator certified, I have successfully negotiated numerous short sales. I have experience in working bank owned properties as well. I am your full service real estate agent. I have a storage unit full of staging items that i place in some of my vacant homes that need that extra pizzazz to help buyers visualize the homes potential. As my heading states, I love this business, crazy or not at times, I do.
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Timbuktu, Africa

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Galapagos Islands, Educador

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Paris, France

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Arizona Premier Realty Homes & Land LLC
7055 W Bell Road Suite 2
Glendale, 85308
Since 2017
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