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Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Welcome to Worcester, Massachusetts.
Worcester is a city with around 181,045 residents, located around 40 miles west of Boston and 38 miles east of Springfield. Its central Massachusetts location has made the city known as Heart of the Commonwealth, and hence a heart is the official city symbol. It could be, however, that the heart symbol stems from the lore that Valentine's Day cards were invented in the city. Worcester is filled with beautiful Victorian-era mill architecture, and combines the welcoming spirit of a small town with the amenities of a thriving, vibrant city. Thanks to its dynamic position in Massachusetts, there is ample opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs and other business minded souls. Worcester was once one of the foremost manufacturing cities in the nation, and today the city is a leader in advanced manufacturing, information technology, biotechnology, health care and medical research. The historic innovation giant features a wonderfully diverse landscape, where old architecture mixes with modern developments, decorated by inviting green spaces and clean streets. The city has some of the best schools in New England, and among the lowest crime rates in the whole country, which makes it an ideal place to raise a family. There is plenty going on any day of the week in Worcester, and with over 30,000 students housed at the dozen colleges in the area, the city is as vibrant as any. The bustling center of Worcester features world-renowned museums and concert halls, theaters, art galleries, musical venues and ethnic festivals take your pick. Try some of the excellent restaurants or shop at countless specialty stores and upscale restaurants; Worcester has something for everyone. And when the sun goes down, Worcester comes to life with plenty of fun venues to choose from. Whether your thing is small town taverns or cosmopolitan hot spots, the city offers a bustling nightlife. Of course, a great city such as Worcester wouldn't be complete without its green space. Luckily, the residents here have access to 1,215 acres of parkland, encompassing 53 parks and playgrounds and no less than five city beaches!
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