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Welcome to Willow Glen, San Jose.
This neighborhood was once a marshy area with nothing but Willow Trees surrounding the Los Gatos Creek and Guadalupe River. In the early 1900's, it was drained and orchards were planted. As the years went by, houses and roads were constructed and Willow Glen began to urbanize, with Lincoln Avenue being the focal point of today's shopping area. In 1927, Willow Glen was incorporated as its own little town, but by 1930 it became part of the City of San Jose. To this day, the neighborhood breathes history and has been called San Jose's Local Treasure thanks to its rich heritage and wonderful community features. Willow Glen is known for being perfectly walkable with tree-lined streets, a homely atmosphere and diverse architecture; all blended in amongst a plethora of specialty shops and local businesses. The historical downtown of Willow Glen is situated between Lincoln Avenue, Willow Street and Minnesota Avenue; a lovely area where you can enjoy your evening stroll while feeling like you are in an old-school, urban village. Here, you'll walk among Victorian, Neoclassical and Colonial buildings and dream yourself back to the beginning of the 20th century. True to its small-town past, the community hosts a number of merry events throughout the year, such as the Dancin' On The Avenue; a party on the street that occurs for one day each summer. The Founders Day is usually (but not always) celebrated annually in September and dedicated to the history and culture of the Willow Glen community. One of the most wonderful events that Willow Glen has is the peculiar tradition of residents buying similar, tiny Christmas trees and placing them in the front yards with multicolored lighting a truly striking sight!
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