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Welcome to Western Addition, San Francisco.
This neighborhood looks markedly different from the rest of the city, since most of its Victorian architecture was torn down in the past to make room for community housing development. Despite all the apartment buildings, Western Addition sports an unusual amount of greenery with pretty rows of trees lining many of the streets. While the parks aren't anything extravagant, you'll find places like the Hutch Community Center, which is great for kids and also features tennis courts for sports enthusiasts. Landmarks to visit include the St. Mary's Cathedral on Van Ness, and as far as restaurants and nightlife, you have plenty to choose from. Locals recommend a number of places, starting off with Yoshi's, a live music theatre that coincidentally serves sushi quite a peculiar, but enticing combo. The music isn't exactly what you would expect from a sushi place either, as the focus is on Jazz and smaller bands like Gin Blossoms. Another place, Bruno's, is a pizza spot that also functions as a bar, and while this place doesn't feature live music, it does offer a great date night with mouth watering pizza and a pleasant atmosphere. The crime rate is a bit higher here than other places, so families might not find themselves at home here for that reason. But if you're young and street-smart or just fancy a visit, then this is definitely a cool spot of San Francisco to check out if you're in the area.
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