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Welcome to the Downtown Waterfront in Boston!
This area is subject to a lot of buzz, thanks to the hot restaurants, trendy fashion, fashionable galleries and more. This beautiful harbor community is home to modern architecture, innovative entrepreneurs, lush parks and contemporary museums the list really goes on forever. If you're looking to live in one of Boston's most intriguing and desirable neighborhoods, the Downtown Waterfront is definitely worth looking into! Some people even refer to the neighborhood as the new heart of the city, which is no wonder considering the energetic atmosphere and air of innovation that permeates the scenic surroundings. New businesses are constantly moving in, retail stores are opening and people are flocking to the new constructions something's always happening in the Downtown Waterfront. The unique thing about this area is that it features a perfect balance between nature and city hustle, and for every new structure that pops up a green space is added. Of course, the benefit of the water with its beautiful harbor doesn't hurt either! In fact, despite all the activity happening down here, the ocean is still the biggest attraction of all. Take a stroll by the docks and breathe in the smell of sea and sailboats, or hop on a water taxi to go straight to the bustling city. If you're just here on vacation, know that you're just a few steps away from many of the most popular tourist attractions in Boston. Although, you may just want to stay right here and enjoy everything the Downtown Waterfront has to offer!
"Boston" by Jeff Gunn as licensed under CC BY 2.0
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