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Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Welcome to Walpole, Massachusetts.
Walpole is located in Norfolk County, approximately 13 miles south of Downtown Boston. The town is home to around 24,000 people, and was named after the first Prime Minister of Great Britain, Sir Robert Walpole. Walpole was officially incorporated in 1724. Walpole is one of those adorable little towns that appear to have remained in a different era; featuring three town commons, white steeple churches and perfectly tree-lined streets lined with mom n' pop stores. While Walpole is home to a very humble commercial and business center, it features a different kind of appeal that speaks to those who enjoy what a quintessential small-town has to offer. The quaint and pastoral surroundings, the historic architecture and strong community spirit these are all characteristics that make Walpole in to a true Massachusetts gem. It is a terrific place to raise a family, with safe streets ideal for relaxing evening walks and plenty of bonding through community events. Walpole features a perfect amalgamation of its former modest self and new developments, and today the tiny downtown (merely two blocks!) features seven full-service restaurants and three Irish Pubs. Local favorites include the farm-to-table dining spot Farmer in the Dell, the seasonal Red Cherry Frozen Yogurt Shop, as well as The Raven's Nest pub. Mixed with the recent establishments are faithful long-timers like Betro Pharmacy, Joe's Barber Shop and Mimi's Variety to only name a few. Each part of Walpole has its own unique personality, and one truly must experience it in person to adequately understand the beauty of it. East Walpole with its pleasant mill village atmosphere, the 365-acre green space of Adam's Farm, the scenic Willet Pond... the wonderful features of this town are seemingly endless!
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