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Arizona, U.S.A.
Welcome to the city that inspires you to set yourself free.
Tucson, AZ wants condones the freedom of thought, expression, to explore and discover, but most of all, Tucson wants you to have the freedom to be yourself! Over flowing with arts and outdoors, Tucson is limitless in activities. From rock climbing, hiking, horseback riding, to plants & animals, bird watching, and astronomy Tucson is nothing short of having something to do. With so many activities, Tucson accommodates with a plethora of delicious cuisines to choose from after a full day of being outdoors. Or, if you're the type who likes to lounge, enjoy some shopping, and save your energy for the nightlife, Tucson has a vibrant downtown not to be missed. The offerings are as diverse as the city itself. Tucson was recently voted one of the Best Places To Live The Simple Life by AARP, and chosen as one of the Best Places to Raise Kids by Businessweek magazine. And, known for being graciously diverse, families of every type are welcome in Tucson. In 2013, Tucson unanimously voted to recognize same-sex civil unions and domestic partnerships. If that isn't enough, Tucson was designated amongst 13 cities to be awarded $500k by the United States to dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Tucson is progressive, diverse, creative, fun, and free.
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