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Welcome to the Tree Section, Manhattan Beach.
The Tree Section is one of the most diverse and desirable areas in Manhattan Beach, due to its proximity to the ocean, and easy commute to both the city and LAX. Bordered by Sepulveda Boulevard to the east, Manhattan Boulevard to the south, Rosecrans Avenue to the north and the Sand Section to the West, the Tree Section is made up of predominately residential properties and very little commercial activity. Thanks to its calm character, the Tree Section is popular among families, and you'll often see children riding bikes in the street. While the neighborhood is mainly residential, depending on where you live, you can find a smaller commercial area with a few shops and restaurants a quick walk away. The Tree Section has a quite bonded community, and it is not unusual for homeowners to barricade an entire block for spontaneous block parties. This neighborhood can make you feel like you've traveled back in time to when neighbors knew each other's names and children could play safely in the street. The Tree Section was actually not named for the many trees in the neighborhood, but for the street names: Palm, Oak, Elm, Pine, etc. The neighborhood is concerned with its trees however, and there is a strict tree ordinance in place that restricts homeowners from removing trees from their property with out a city permit. Thanks to the ordinance, the neighborhood has retained its aesthetic appeal. There are several sub-sections of the Tree Section, and some of them are immensely popular. For instance, the American Martyrs area, which is named for its proximity to the local Catholic church and private school American Martyrs. The school is a distinguished institution and the waiting list to get in is long. Some of the most coveted streets in the Tree Section are the 15th through 18th streets, because of their generous lot sizes a rarity in Manhattan Beach. These homes offer easy access to the Live Oak Park and Downtown Manhattan Beach, and some of them even have ocean views. Many of the old smaller homes in the Tree Section have been demolished in favor of grandiose, modern houses that are upwards of 3,000 square feet large. The architectural styles run the gamut from Cape Cod and Nantucket designs to traditional Mediterranean styles of Tuscan and Spanish Influences. Mixed with the occasional Craftsman style home and one-of-a-kind designs by local residents, the Tree Section boasts an eclectic and uniquely charming appearance.
"house" by Rian Castillo as licensed under CC BY 2.0
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