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Welcome to The Strip. Who'd ever think that so much goodness could fit in such a small space?
The Strip District is literally a strip of land, a whopping half-mile in fact, and it makes good use of every square inch. It's an institution in Pittsburgh, a foodie dreamland, a shoppers delight, and locals and throngs of tourists flock to it daily for a guaranteed good time and a real slice of the city. Coffee roasting, fresh fruit piled high, the day's catch grilling, kettle corn popping, artisan bread bakingthese are but some of the sights and sounds that rule this shopping zone seven days a week. The variety is endless and the options are anything but run-of-the-mill. Think unique, quirky, mom-and-pop restaurants, food stands, and shops. There's even a bustling nightlife here, so a day of eating your way through the streets can easily turn into a night of drinking and dancing. And if living in this wonderland seems doubtful, given it's small size, it's surprisingly not, thanks to a few condos and loft buildings. Housing options are fewer than in many neighborhoods, true, but it is possible to go to sleep, and wake-up, in the urban paradise known as The Strip.
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