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Welcome to Tenderloin, San Francisco.
This downtown neighborhood is situated between the Union Square shopping district and the Civic Center, and consists of about 50 square blocks. The name of the neighborhood goes back to an old neighborhood in New York with similar characteristics, and there are numerous variations to the story of the original place. Some people say it was a reference to the underbelly of the city, analogous to the cut of meat, while others mean that the name came from a NYC police captain who upon taking bribes made enough to eat tenderloin steak. The story of the name aside, this is a busy, historically preserved neighborhood known as a mecca for the San Francisco art scene. Among the well known galleries are the White Walls and The Shooting Gallery, and the mural street art is not to be neglected either. Famous artists such as Banksy, Shepard Fairey and Barry McGee are only a few of the names that have decorated the street walls with their colorful work. Skaters can check out the Book & Job, which is known for hosting skating legends such as Tommy Guerrero and promoting Zine Weekends. While this neighborhood has the downside of being known for its high crime, the city is working to improve the conditions down here. Parks are not in abundance, but The Tenderloin Children's Playground has attractive indoor and outdoor facilities and host several recreational community- and family activities, and events. This may not be an ideal place to live with a family, but single, artistically driven youth can definitely thrive on the inspiration around Tenderloin.
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