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Welcome to Telegraph Hill, San Francisco.
Telegraph Hill originally got its name from the windmill-like structure that was erected up here in 1849, a semaphore that had the purpose of signaling to the rest of the city the nature of the ships entering the Golden Gate. The marine telegraph consisted of a pole with two risible arms, which displayed different configurations depending on what kind of boat was coming into harbor. Today, this beautiful and highly coveted neighborhood is famous for its hilltop position and the Colt Tower. If you have the stamina, hike all the way to the top and check it out, along with a 360 degrees panorama view of the entire city. This area is thankfully quiet, since its location doesn't attract as many tourists as other spots in San Francisco. Aside from the Colt Tower, Telegraph Hill is known for the gardens that adorn Filbert Street all the way down to Levi Plaza, and its flock of Red-Masked Parakeets that originate from escaped or released pets. These little chatter boxes even earned a book title and a documentary both called The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. Although Telegraph hill is a loner on the top and primarily residential, its narrow streets and adorable buildings make it well worth the location plus you have walking distance to terrific restaurants and nightlife. All in all, it's a splendid place to live, if you can afford it.
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