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Welcome to Stapleton, Denver.
Stapleton is essentially its own community 15 minutes northeast of downtown Denver, and features 9 distinct neighborhoods. The community is home to 9 public and private schools, 50 parks and multiple commercial and business districts. Starting in 2016, Stapleton will be connected to the rest of Denver by a commuter rail line. Today, the community is home to over 74,000 residents, a number that is continuously growing. Between 1929 and 1995, Stapleton was the site of Denver's primary airport. The only remaining clues of the past, is an old airport control tower and a few dilapidated buildings. After the airport was shut down, Stapleton underwent major redevelopment with both commercial and residential additions. The community features a variety of architecture and Stapleton prides itself as a precedent for new urbanism in Denver and beyond. The thought is to mix the best of urban lifestyle with that of suburban, creating a convenient, accessible and cultured town along with safe, clean outdoor space. This vision has in practice created a unique cosmopolitan but family oriented community where neighbors come together as a team, just like in the tight-knit suburban areas. Stapleton also attracts people who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, as it is designed around activities like biking, hiking and swimming. Residents here have access to a plethora of recreational options, like parks, public pools, recreation centers and bike paths. Stapleton is constantly changing and moving forward, and new residential and commercial construction is continuously under way. With the new addition of the railway connection, this community is truly one to look out for in the future!
"IMGP9283" by Matt Buck as licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
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