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Georgia, U.S.A.
Welcome to Snellville, Georgia.
The City of Snellville is an affluent municipality in Gwinnet County, situated east of Atlanta. Snellville is today home to around 18,000 people and has a long and rich history. In 1874, two seventeen-year-old friends from London, England planned a voyage to America. The boys, Thomas Snell and James Sawyer, left for the New World with hopes and dreams of creating a better life. Together they built a small wood frame building in what was then New London, where they started the Snell and Sawyer's Store. The business prospered and so did the town, and the boys grew in rank to the point where the city as incorporated in one of their names. The modern Snellville is quite a different place from the little village of old times, and today the city boasts a burgeoning economy with over 1,150 operating businesses. The political system includes a Mayor and five council members, and over 100 employees work for the City of Snellville. New and often upscale housing constriction is continuously happening in Snellville, even defying the cut backs of recession. The Governor's Walk neighborhood in Snellville is an award-winning area, which went on to be completed despite difficult times. Other areas like Lake Norris and Norris Lake Way have also experienced strong growth and development, with many upscale new buildings dotting the affluent areas. In 2011, the City of Snellville began the project of adding a new downtown, which includes a new green park and a vibrant shopping district with a plethora of stores and memorable restaurants. In addition, the city has access to the Thomas W. Briscoe Park with 100 acres of green space. The park features a multitude of activities for all ages, including camps, swim lessons and ball sports and even senior trips.
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