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Welcome to Sherwood Forest, San Francisco.
If you've never heard of this place, it's probably because its San Francisco's smallest neighborhood, measuring only two by three streets! This little cute corner of the city has a total around two hundred homes, and the only street that begins and ends in Sherwood Forest is the obscurely located Robinhood Drive. Of course, all the streets in the neighborhood are also patterned around the tale of Robin Hood, with street names like Lansdale and Dalewood. The petite little neighborhood looks like it's taken from the set of Mad Men, with a 1950s era atmosphere; and big residential constructions designed by noted architects like Timothy Pfleuger and Julia Morgan. Its houses are gracefully lit up at night by original globe streetlights, making you feel like you are in a different time, far away from the city. Up here you have the benefit of lovely views, and many of the homes overlook the Mount Davidson Cross. The Mount Davidson Stairway Walk takes you through an abundance of flora with views over the neighboring West Portal, where the closest shops and restaurants are situated. Well known former residents include the baseball legend Willie Mays and San Francisco mayors George Moscone and John Shelley.
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