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Welcome to Where The Old Is Preserved. Southwestern Pennsylvania's borough of Sewickly Heights is a wealthy enclave along the northern shore of the Ohio River, fifteen miles west of Pittsburgh.
In it's earlier days it was a getaway for Pittsburgh's wealthiest businessmen. Not much has changed, as it's one of the wealthiest communities in Pennsylvania. It was once a neighborhood of grand estates, and after many were torn down, tell-tale elements such as walls, gates and outbuildings were left behind, giving the community its unique character and constant reminders of it's past. That combined with rolling hills and meadows of the natural landscape create a truly picturesque community. No wonder the borough initiated a plan to preserve those signature elements, in the form of the Sewickly Heights Pattern Book. It's the official borough guide outlining the evolution of the municipality, in keeping with it's unique character and landscape. Just another charming trait of this beautiful one-of-a-kind community.
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