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California, U.S.A.
Welcome to Sausalito, California.
This city of around 7,000 people is situated in the Bay Area, toward the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge. Before the bridge was constructed, the town served as a terminus for rail, car and ferry traffic. During World War II, the community grew as a shipbuilding center, and hence was known as an industrial town. But in later years Sausalito gained reputation as an affluent and artistic enclave, marked by a pastoral residential community with a strong influx of tourism. The name Sausalito originates from the Spanish word sauzalito, which means small willow grove. The town was named after a Chilean leader during the Bandit Wars, who settled in the area with other Latino outcasts from San Francisco. The leader, Chilean Joaquin Murieta, was born in a Chilean port called Sausalito. Sausalito receives a steady stream of visitors thanks to its vicinity to San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. In addition to the bridge, many people choose to take the ferry over, which has further increased tourism to the little town. Speaking of boats, the houseboat community of Sausalito boasts over 400 houseboats, moored against the shore about two miles from downtown. The reason for the large houseboat community is the past recycling of abandoned boats and material, after the shipyards of World War II were closed down. Sausalito also has plenty of parks, including the Cazneau Playground, Cloud View Park, Dunphy Park, Martin Luther King Park and more. In addition, the city boasts a fishing pier and a boat ramp, as well as a clubhouse in the city hall.
"Sausalito, CA" by ClatieK as licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0
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