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California, U.S.A.
Welcome to Santa Cruz, California.
Santa Cruz is largest city of Santa Cruz County with around 63,000 inhabitants. The name Santa Cruz is Spanish for Holy Cross and derives from the city's Mexican past. The present day city was once the location of a Spanish settlement, which became a city in 1866. Santa Cruz is famous for its temperate climate, gorgeous coastline and redwood forests. This is a place where alternative lifestyles are celebrated and liberality prevails. In fact, Santa Cruz has been one of the most progressive cities in the United States. Socialist-feminists, social-welfare liberals, neighborhood activists and environmentalists have worked for their community since 1960. Santa Cruz is home to the University of California Santa Cruz, a premier research and educational institution, as well as the beautiful Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and an oceanfront amusement park, which has been operating since 1907. Downtown is a lively center with an array of stores and businesses. You'll find a vibrant blend of street performers, musicians and artists, and they all help bring up the atmosphere with their background music and entertainment. Santa Cruz also features several state parks and beaches, like the Lighthouse Field State Beach, the Natural Bridges State Beach and the Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park. There are three open green spaces, Arana Gulch, Moore Creek and Pogonip; as well as five community parks and a total of eighteen neighborhood parks. So whether you come here to enjoy the mild climate, the many beaches, parks or the creative vibe downtown Santa Cruz has it all.
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