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Georgia, U.S.A.
Welcome to Sandy Springs, Georgia.
This affluent community of 90,000 people is situated circa 14 miles north of downtown Atlanta. The median income in Sandy Springs is quite a lot higher than the rest of the country, and subsequently the real estate prices as well. However, one can still find plenty of good deals on property, as there are many historic homes waiting to be restored. If you look around, you can discover quite a lot of distinct architectural pieces like Victorian reproductions and Tudor brick mansions. For a ranch style house you can expect to spend around 350,000 dollars, while one of the more extravagant dwellings can run above a staggering $10 million. It is no wonder that living here is so popular, with the wonderfully green surroundings and pristine landscaping surrounding each residence, in a city that offers something so rare as fresh air. How can anyone resist this heavenly suburb only minutes away from the big-city life in downtown Atlanta? One thing you should know before moving here is that you will most definitely need a car. While there are plenty of shopping options and parks to enjoy, you won't get there by walking and just barely on two wheels. The city does have a MARTA transit system however, although it doesn't reach many of the places you may want to go. This family friendly community features plenty of acclaimed private schools such as Brandon Hall, as well as many excellent public options, including Heards Ferry Elementary and Riverwood High. As a matter of fact, the school system here is so preeminent that it is one of the biggest reasons why Sandy Springs has become such a coveted city. But families are not the only ones settling in the city, and many single business professionals choose to live here for the headquarters of IBM, Cisco and UPS. Finally, one of the many great features of Sandy Springs includes the rushing Chattahoochee River and vast green spaces, with Morgan Falls being an overall favorite.
"IMG_1392" by Thomas Wolff as licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0
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