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California, U.S.A.
Welcome to San Carlos, California. This city in San Mateo County is located on the San Francisco Peninsula. Home to a small community of about 28,000 residents, San Carlos is an affluent residential suburb, with the closest cities being Belmont and Redwood City. San Carlos, or “The City of Good Living”, strives to retain its small-town ambience; the downtown area has little commercial activity aside from mom n’ pop stores and local restaurants. The city has a terrific school district and was the first in California to open a charter school – San Carlos Charter Learning Center. San Carlos offers a ton of culture and in downtown you’ll find the San Carlos History Museum, dedicated to the city’s history. There is also the Hiller Aviation Museum, which specializes in the old days of helicopter and aviation technology. This might be a cool place for a father-and-son outing as you can take part in interactive exhibits with over forty aircrafts, including a replica of the first airplane ever. San Carlos has a love for parades, and every May the town holds a carnival called the “Hometown Days” in Burton Park, the city’s largest public park. In addition, for the past 23 years San Carlos has held the “Art & Wine Faire” every October. Laurel Street also puts up a weekly farmer’s market, which is officially known as “Hot Harvest Nights”; the locals tend to just call it “Farmer’s Market”.
"IMG_6302" by aaron_anderer as licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0
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