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Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Welcome to Salem, Massachusetts.
Salem is a beautiful coastal city located in the North Shore in Essex County. This quintessential New England town is home to around 41,000 people and boasts a rich and interesting history. Aside from being one of the most significant seaports in Puritan American history, Salem is a tourist hotspot widely known as the location of witchcraft. Much of the city's cultural identity is centered round it being the location of the Salem witch trial in 1692, and everywhere you turn, the common theme is displayed.The local public school goes by the name Witchcraft Heights Elementary School and, the high school athletic teams are named Witches, and even the police cars wear witch-logos! The site of several public hangings, Gallows Hill, is today used as a ball field. Salem is not only about witchcraft however, and the city features a vibrant downtown area with over 60 restaurants, coffee shops and cafes. As far as shopping, Salem won't disappoint either the city boasts the honor of Best Shopping District award by the Retail Association. History buffs may want to pay a visit to the Samuel McIntire Historic District, which represents the largest collection of 17th and 18th century residences anywhere in the country. The district includes landmarks like the Pierce-Nichols House and Hamilton Hall, as well as The Witch House from 1642.
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