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Welcome to Saint Francis Wood, San Francisco, located in the southwestern part of the city.
Many locals describe this place as an ideal neighborhood, and with good reason. It could be the beautiful arrangement of residences or the lush greenery, or simply the fact that everyone seems to be friendly. A completely residential neighborhood, Saint Francis Wood is not your spot if you are looking for lots of surrounding activities. This is more of a place for those who enjoy a peaceful and upscale Wisteria Lane- kind of environment only with wealthier neighbors. The lawns are groomed to perfection and the trees are placed in an immaculate lineup outside sizable mansions, and you'll never have to look for parking since everyone has their own, private multi-car garage. Most of the residents in this fairly isolated neighborhood are either Caucasian or Asians, who enjoy the calm idyll with their families. Sometimes you'll see a neighbor jogging down the street or walking their dog, but otherwise the narrow streets are nearly empty. There is at least some recreation in the area, in the form of the San Francisco Zoo a few miles away. And, although there are no commercial zones in Saint Francis Wood, locals can take the Highway 1 to the Downtown San Francisco, or hop on bus line 23 to travel both east and west.
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