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Welcome to Rockridge, Oakland.
This is one of the most coveted and affluent neighborhoods in all of Oakland, and its located by the foot of the Oakland Hills. Before the Bay Bridge construction in 1936, this area was a quiet one, with little cottages and bungalows occupied by those who wanted to live away from the crowded city. Many of the original dwellings still remain in place, and are today among the most expensive pieces of real estate in the entire Bay Area. Part of the allure is the excellent weather, easy commute and outstanding public transportation; but the biggest draw are the leafy residential streets where everything has been attractively restored, and the main street, College Avenue, where residents flock around the atmospheric coffee shops and gourmet dining places. Down here you can flip through the pages at one of the many independent bookstores, or hunt for unique bargains in one of the antique shops. Thanks to all these perks, the price to buy a house or rent in Rockridge has skyrocketed, wherefore most professionals cannot afford to live here. But even if you aren't rich, you can still take advantage of the pleasantries this neighborhood has to offer. One of the things that make Rockridge unlike any other gentrified, upscale area is that it's ethnically diverse. While being a hip and wealthy place, there isn't anything snobby or cold about this place in fact, people still greet each other on the street and talk in line for the taco-stand. No matter where you come from or who you are, if you're lucky to score an apartment here or are just coming to visit, the citizens of Rockridge will make you feel right at home.
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