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California, U.S.A.
Welcome to Poway, California.
Poway is a city in San Diego County, home to around 47,800 people. The rural background of Poway, which became incorporated in 1980, gave way to the city slogan The City in the Country. Numerous ancient artifacts has been found in the area around Poway Creek, including arrow heads, spear points, grinding stones and old pottery, which indicates an early Diegueno presence. Many of Poway's boulders are adorned with various pictographs, and modern techniques suggest that the paintings are made somewhere around the 16th century or earlier. The name Poway comes from the Diegueno Indian's, who call the area Pawily. Modern history in Poway didn't begin until the late 18th century, when padres from the Mission San Diego de Alcala kept cattle in the valley. American settlers arrived in the valley for agricultural purposes during the late antebellum period, and because few records of this time have survived, it wasn't until the Poway Progress in 1894 that the town's history became a thing of record. Moderate farming continued in the 20th century, but despite Poway's creek and fertile soil, the lack of available water prevented the settlement from attracting major farmers and achieving population growth. What eventually sparked growth was the establishment of the Poway Municipal Water District in 1954, which encouraged people to move to Poway. Today, Poway is a long way from its agricultural days, and has instead turned into a residential bedroom community for workers in the San Diego area. The Poway Housing Authority provides the community with an array of housing options, including high-standard, multi-family and single-family homes, affordable to for both low and moderate-income households. There are several ways to experience the Poway culture. To see where the Native Americans once lived, visit the Kumeyaay-Ipai Interpretive Center, where evidence of their lives and work can be seen. To explore the arts, stop by The Poway Center for the Performing Arts, which hosts professional performances ranging from major plays and concerts to appearances by individual artists of national recognition. Outdoorsy folks can head to Lake Poway for a relaxing day of shoreline, dock or boat fishing, while those who are into sports can find their favorite ball game at one of the multi-purpose gymnasiums. And if you enjoy hiking, you should know that the City of Poway trails system boasts more than 55 miles of some of the finest trails in Southern California!
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