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California, U.S.A.
Welcome to Piedmont, Oakland.
This is a small residential community, completely surrounded by the City of Oakland. In 1907, the residents of the area voted to become their own small town, instead of becoming part of the bigger city. Today it houses around 10,000 people and is almost entirely built for single-family dwellings. The commercial activity is very modest, and despite a few modern chain stores the area still feels very much like a small town. The community has its own newspapers, the Piedmont Post and the Piedmonter, and its own fire, police, park and recreational services. Other things however, like the library and post office, are shared with the City of Oakland. This is a neighborhood where you'll feel instantly at home and where people tend to actually know each other, greeting one another with a smile and a handshake. Piedmont Avenue is the focal point of the neighborhood, and could be one of the most diversified areas in Oakland. There are eclectic stores that sell things you won't find in big retail chains, and mom-and-pop shops that will make you feel like you're in back in Kansas. Used bookstores mix with homely restaurants and new, modern establishments into a wonderful, colorful strip that you could spend a whole day exploring. If you need a little bit of green to soothe your eyes, you've got both the Piedmont Park, the Dracena Park and Crocker Park, as well as Hampton Park, Kennelly Skate Park, Blair Park and more. So grab a blanket and enjoy the grass, because this little city inside the city is lush as ever!
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