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Arizona, U.S.A.
Welcome to Phoenix, Capital of Arizona and a cultural center situated in the "Valley of the Sun."
With close to 1.5 million people residing here, it is the sixth most populous city nationwide. Phoenix was established in 1881, and became a thriving farming community thanks to its canal system that compensated for the subtropical desert climate. The canals were the work of the Hoboken people, who resided in the desert for nearly 2000 years. By the end of the Mexican-American war, Mexico sold its northern zone the the United States and the residents became U.S citizens. Jack Swilling, a veteran of the Civil War, became a pioneer in the city creation when he recognized the potential for farming. In 1868, the first Phoenix post office was established with Swilling acting as the postmaster. Phoenix, being located in the desert, has a dry and hot climate most of the year with winters that are mild and short. Desert wildlife is rich with species such as coyotes, rattlesnakes, jaguars and bobcats to only name a fraction. Phoenix is home to several large sports teams; for instance their NBA team the Phoenix Suns, the NFL's Arizona Cardinals, MBL's Arizona Diamondbacks and NHL's Arena Coyotes. If you're feeling adventurous, there's no lack of activities to enjoy outdoors. While less abundant in green vegetation, the state of Arizona features a stunning landscape, and Phoenix has it's fair share of parks and recreation. National areas include the Tonto National Forest and South Mountain Park, the world's largest municipal park with 16,500 acres. In total, the city has no less than 189 parks containing facilities for camping, hiking, swimming, horseback riding, cycling and climbing. For the young at heart, Phoenix offers all the glitz, glamour and gaming you can wish for. You can indulge in a gourmet fare and gaze at the below scenery from the Orange Sky restaurant before spending your dollars at the black jack table in the casino, or head straight to the McDowell Resort and Casino for more fun. The Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino features some of the biggest names in music and comedy , so check this place out if you're looking for laughs and entertainment. The three-block CityScape development in Downtown Phoenix is home to a variety of shopping, dining and entertainment venues. Whatever your cup of tea (or drink of choice) is, Phoenix has something for everyone.
"Phoenix Suns" by Kevin Dooley as licensed under CC BY 2.0
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