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California, U.S.A.
Welcome to Perris, California.
The City of Perris is located 17.6 miles south of Riverside, and is currently home to around 72,300 people. The city was settled in the 1880s, which was a boom period for Southern California. The land was previously used for pastures, but was transformed to a town after the arrival of a railroad depot, and the City of Perris was officially incorporated in 1911. Perris today encompasses the Pinacate Station, which is home of the Orange Empire Railway Museum also called the trolley museum the largest operating museum of its kind on the West Coast. Perris has been used as a backdrop for scenes in several movies, including Calendar Girl, The Bucket List and Eagle Eye. Perris is a quickly growing and diverse city; home to a large Latino and African-American population, as well as a fairly substantial Asian group. New residents have been drawn to the area because of the affordable-middle class homes compared to that of other Southern California cites. While there are some well-off urban professionals residing in Perris, the older sections of Perris are mainly home to working-class and low-income residents. In the heart of Perris lies one of the most famous landmarks in in Perris Valley the Rock Castle. The medieval-looking castle is 4,000 square feet large and was constructed from 30 tons of river rock in 1928. Mr. and Mrs. J.L Ragsdale who operated the service station at Third and D Streets in Perris actually chose the rocks themselves out in the desert and hauled them by hand on a truck; not a small feat for two people. By the time the home was ready in 1929, the Great Depression had hit America and they were only able to sell the property for $6,500. Since then, it has had numerous owners but always remained a private residence. The price has gone up quite a bit since the Great Depression, and most recently it sold for $920,000 dollars. Some people believe that the Hill Top Home is haunted, which probably stems from the fact that the old castle seems to loom over the city over Highway 215. Perris is a popular location for skydiving, and Perris Valley Skydiving is regarded as one of the largest skydiving centers in North America. The city is also known for hot air ballooning, it's Potato Festival, and the wonderful respite of Lake Perris. The lake provides opportunities for boating, fishing, camping, horseback riding and hiking, and attracts a myriad of visitors during the summer. Many residents also go to nearby Palm Springs to enjoy various activities, as well as the scenic San Bernardino National Forest, which offers further outdoor recreation.
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