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Welcome to Old Fourth Ward, Atlanta.
Old Fourth Ward is located in East Atlanta, and is often called O4W. The neighborhood is vastly known for the historic site of Martin Luther King, which lies right next to Old Fourth Ward and includes his childhood home and the original Ebenezer Baptist Church, where King was baptized. The visitor center features a museum where visitors can learn about the American Civil Rights Movement, as well as the I Have a Dream International World Peace Rose Garden. Every year on Martin Luther King's Day, the site holds popular events in honor of the civil rights hero, with previous speakers including several Presidents of the United States as well as a plethora of national politicians. The neighborhood of Old Fourth Ward stretches from Piedmont Avenue and Downtown Atlanta to the Belt Line, Poncey-Highland and Inman Park. Old Fourth Ward consists of three parts, where Freedom Parkway and Boulevard serve as dividers. In the area north of Freedom Parkway and east of Boulevard, you will find one of Atlanta's most thriving spots, with several prominent features. Residents can enjoy performances at The Masquerade, a favored music venue, or stroll in the green, water-decorated expanse of the Historic Fourth Ward Park. The park is a popular spot for families and others, as it offers plenty of recreation like a playground, a skate park, and many community events throughout the year. Numerous recent multifamily constructions border the park, and there are numerous new developments under way. The largest concentrations of homes are situated south of Freedom Parkway, and this area is one of the most diverse and vibrant parts of the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. Most of the commercial activity and nightlife is centered round the Boulevard and Edgewood intersection, where you will find an abundance of lively bars and restaurants.
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