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Welcome to A Picture of Ethnic Diversity. The San Diego Union-Tribune named Normal Heights as the only neighborhood in San Diego to perfectly reflect the city's ethnic diversity.
North of Balboa Park, it's popular location adds to its desirability. It's extremely walkable, more affordable than many surrounding neighborhoods, eclectic, and with a leaning towards the arts, it's a lively place to live or to visit. Known for an active community event calendar of music and art events, it's a place that has fun and friendly written all over it. It's hard to get away from words like "cute" and "quirky" when describing the place and it's unique charms. It's the opposite of cookie-cutter here. Just take a look at the colorful streets and you'll see why it attracts a more free-spirited type to its doors. Families applaud the good neighborhood schools and the strong sense of community. It's so easy to integrate yourself into life in Normal Heights thanks to its open and friendly village-like vibe.
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