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Welcome to Noe Valley, San Francisco.
Situated in the heart of city, the neighborhood was named after Jos de Jess No, the last Mexican Mayor of Yerba Buena when San Francisco was still part of Mexico. No sold the land to a Mormon by the name John Meirs Horner, in 1854, and at that time the area became known as Horner's Addition. Like so many other San Francisco neighborhoods, this too was the home ground of the blue-collar folks, where hard working laborers would live with their families. Since then however, the area has turned into an affluent, upscale neighborhood. Many young, urban professionals, tech workers included, live here with their families and small children. Noe Valley is in fact so saturated with kids that it is known as Stroller Town, for the many strollers that are being pushed around the fancy blocks. Real estate pricing is steep here, and it is entirely within the norm for a nice middle-class home to sell for around two million or above. One of the things that attract people to live in Noe Valley is the fact that Twin Peaks partly blocks the coastal fog and chilly winds from the ocean, which provides for a warmer and sunnier climate than surrounding neighborhoods. While primarily residential, Noe Valley does have two busy commercial streets, Church Street and Diamond Street, where you'll find the main restaurants, shops and other amenities in the area.
"Noe Valley" by Jared Tarbell as licensed under CC BY 2.0
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