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Welcome to Nob Hill, San Francisco.
This is part of the forty-four San Francisco Hills and one of the original Seven Hills. Nob Hill was initially called California Hill, but was renamed in 1950 after Central Pacific Railroad's Big Four called the Nobs. This neighborhood ranges from middle-class to upper class, and it is situated between Russian Hill and the Tenderloin. The area is decorated with hilly residential blocks where Victorian architecture is predominant, and features a few commercial districts around Polk Street and Van Ness. On the latter, you will find the larger brand stores as well as car dealerships and outlets. Young families and recent graduates occupy many of the fancy residences here, and the social scene is as vibrant as any. With dive bars, cocktail lounges, clubs and sport taverns, you can be sure to find your own favorite spot in this popular neighborhood. Although Nob Hill is quite dense in its infrastructure, there is indeed room for green areas where residents can enjoy the outdoors. The most notable park in the neighborhood the Huntington Park, which takes up an entire block. Huntington Park was originally the living grounds of Baron Collis P. Huntington and while the 1906 earthquake destroyed the mansion, his widow donated the property to the city.
"SF Nob Hill -" by Bruce Tuten as licensed under CC BY 2.0
"Huntington Park" by greychr as licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
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