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Welcome to Newton Lower Falls, a village in the city of Newton by the Charles River.
The commercial section stretches across the river into the town of Wellesley, where it turns into Wellesley Lower Falls. Newton Lower Falls is a historic neighborhood established in 1630, and the community has a rich story behind it. Originally, Newton Lower Falls comprised an industrial village with several dams that functioned as power sources. As more and more dams were built, the village prospered and grew. In the early 19th century, paper goods were a large source of income for the town, and by 1816, nine different mills operated with power from the dams. The prospering paper industry established Newton Lower Falls as a booming industrial village. Sadly, the thriving village faced a decline in the late 19th century, when large mills in the western part of the state and Maine began to pull business away. Newton Lower Falls struggled until the second half of the 20th century, but in the 1950s through 1970s developments and efforts were placed to revive the neighborhood. Unfortunately, much of the redevelopment included demolishing old buildings, and today only a small area along Washington Street remains, and of course The Mill at Newton Lower Falls. Wine enthusiasts may want to visit the Lower Falls Wine Co, another remnant from the industrial time. The wine shop has been providing excellent wines for three generations, and offers tasting and education in the art of wine.
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