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California, U.S.A.
Welcome to National City, California.
Situated in San Diego County, National City is the second-oldest city in the county and home to around 58,600 people. Originally, Spanish soldiers named the land El Rancho del Ray (the Ranch of the King) and used the 26,000 acres to graze horses. After gaining independence from Spain in 1810, the Mexican government renamed it Rancho de La Nacin (Ranch of the Nation), which translates to National City in English. The city's modern history began in 1868, when brothers Frank, Warren a Levi Kimball purchased the land. Along with contractors and builders from San Francisco, they began the foundation of the city while keeping the National name. Frank Kimball's home was the first residence in the city to have hot, running water and a bathtub, and constructing it brought the first contemporary element to National City. What allowed the region to flourish, however, was the construction of roads and a railroad, as it introduced modern transportation to the residents of the community. Over time, the city began to thrive and was officially incorporated as National City in 1887. To this day, the trees that the brothers imported from Europe and Asia can still be seen throughout the city. National City offers a plethora of things to do, see and experience, regardless of age and interest. Those who enjoy golfing can spend a day practicing their handicap at the National City Golf Course, with holes ranging from beginners to advanced. Families and sports enthusiasts can visit one of National City's many parks, which include the El Toyon Park with its numerous ball courts and picnic areas; a recreation facility; a playground; a horseshoe pit and even a brand new Astroturf soccer field. Or stop by Kimball Park, which boasts amenities such as a large recreation center and several terrific baseball fields, tennis and basketball courts and a skate park. There are many more reasons to go to Kimball Park as well, as it is also home to the City Civic Center, National City Public Library, A Reason to Survive (ARTS) center, the MLK Community Center and the Bowl amphitheater. Other great parks include the Las Palmas Park and Pepper Park. As far as shopping is concerned, you won't find yourself lacking any opportunities National City has more stores than one can count. Head to the Westfield Plaza Bonita Mall, one of the only closed shopping malls in the county and home to a multitude of upscale shops and national brands. In addition to retail, an expansive food court has recently been added as well as a new playground structure and a boastful 14-screen cinema. Car enthusiasts can find their latest ride at the world-renowned Mile of Cars, which is recognized as one of the first auto malls in the world. With a total of 21 car franchises lined up next to each other along a mile-long stretch, the historic boulevard is one of the most successful automobile associations in the country. National City invites you to experience culinary sensations from all over the world, with food options ranging from classic American fare and authentic Mexican, to fresh-out-of-the-sea dishes at the Waterfront Grill at Pier32 Marina. National City boasts a rich history as a cultural melting pot, and as a result the dining possibilities are equally diverse. Must visits include the Caf la Maze, home to the best prime rib in San Diego and famous for being one of the most historic restaurants in National City; Caf la Maze was originally built in 1935 to serve wealthy Hollywood celebrities on their way to Tijuana, Mexico. History buffs will find plenty of landmarks to peruse in National City. Stop by the Brick Row on Heritage Square, which was built in 1887 by founder Frank Kimball himself, or the Granger Music Hall with its 75-feet green muse mural and uniquely shaped architecture. Other historical places include the Santa Fe Rail Depot and the Stein Family Farm.
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