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California, U.S.A.
Welcome to Monterey Park, California.
Monterey Park is a city in Los Angeles County, situated 10 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles and home to approximately 60,200 people. The city is home to a large Asian American population, with around 67% of the city's residents being of Asian descent. Nearly 48% of the total population is Chinese American, which makes Monterey Park home to the largest concentration of Chinese Americans of any municipality in the United States. Monterey Park's motto is Pride in the past, Faith in the future, and the city indeed has a rich history. Following the Civil War, and Italian named Alessandro Repetto bought 5,000 acres of land and built his ranch house around a half-mile north of where Garfield Avenue crosses the Pomona Freeway. At this time, U.S. Army mail rider Richard Garvey passed through former Monterey Pass today's Garvey Avenue and settled down in the King's Hills. Garvey began developing the land by acquiring spring water from the near Hondo River and subsequently constructed a 54-foot-high dam to form Garvey Lake; situated where Garvey Ranch Park is located now. The development was costly, and paired with old debts, Garvey found himself in need of liquid funds. Hence, he started selling portions of his property, and these subdivisions began to flourish in 1906. The new residents voted for the community to become its own city in 1916, named Monterey Park. Asian settlers began to arrive in the area in the 1920s, when they came to farm potatoes and flowers, as well as develop nurseries in the Monterey Highlands area. They helped improve the Monterey pass Trail with a road, which aided produce transportation to Los Angeles. The pass was called Coyote Pass by Pioneer Masabi Abe, and has often been used as the filming location for western movies. A fun fact is that in 1926, near the corner of Atlantic and Garvey Avenue, Laura Schudder invented the first sealed bag of potato chips. Back in those days they ironed sheets of wax paper together to form a bag, in order to keep the chips fresh. In modern time, Monterey Park has been through plenty of renewal projects. One of those is the massive Atlantic Times Square development, which opened in 2010. The square and covers 215,000 square feet and features ground-floor shops, restaurants, a AMC Movie Theatre and a 24 Hour Fitness. In addition to numerous commercial establishments, Atlantic Times Square also boasts 210 modern condos.
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