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Welcome to Mission District, San Francisco.
This neighborhood is a colorful one, where you'll have plenty to see and do. Residential architecture here ranges from Victorian houses to upscale condominiums, and with it's wide cultural past it has an incredible range of restaurants, bars and retail stores lined up next to each other. It is no wonder that this place was received a number two-placing on the Forbes list of America's Best Hipster Neighborhoods list. What was once a predominantly Latino neighborhood has evolved to an area of the city filled with young tech workers. As a result, the now trendy Mission District has developed into an area with fashionable stores and hot restaurants. Much of the past still remains however, which creates a delightful blend of modern establishments and old espresso shops and taquerias. The weather is the best you'll get in San Francisco, and public transit is on par with the sunshine. But the biggest attraction is still the nightlife and the exquisite dining scene. Favorites include places like La Taqueria, Tartine Bakery & Caf, Delfina, Universal Caf, Casanova, Delirium, and many others. Mission District is filled with culture too check out the many cool bookstores like Borderland or Dog Eared Books. Great art can be found at the Precita Eyes Mural Arts Center, while the Roxie Theatre will take you away with its great plays.
"The Roxie Theater" by Nrico as licensed under CC BY 2.0
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