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Welcome to Miraloma Park, San Francisco.
Situated in between the forests of Glen Canyon Park and Mount Davidson, this neighborhood of many twists is known for its home to the Mount Davidson Cross, which towers above this unspoiled corner of San Francisco. The cross is a beautiful monument to visit regardless of your beliefs, and the road up there offers a great little hike it's the highest top of San Francisco at an elevation of 925 ft. Miraloma Park isn't your typical San Francisco neighborhood with rectangular blocks, and it may take you some time to navigate the narrow roads and turns at first. The houses are neatly lined up and many of them enjoy a spectacular view, which is rumored to be the best in the whole city. The neighborhood has plenty to offer its residents, including the fabled Tower Market on Portola Drive, where the vegetables are as fresh as if you planted them yourself. At Creighton's, you'll find the best bakery and coffee-place in town, and if you're a Starbucks fan, there's one right next door. Miraloma is a wonderful place for families of little ones, as the neighborhood is home to the best co-op preschool in town, Miraloma Nursery School. In addition, you have plenty of playgrounds to choose from, such as the Miraloma Playground and the Sunnyside Playground. Not only do you have easy access to the rest of the city since you are smack in the middle, you can also enjoy the wilderness. In fact, spotting a deer here and there is not unusual! Just be careful when you're hiking the trails they are known to be quite steep.
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