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Minnesota, U.S.A.
Welcome to Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Minneapolis emerged as a city in the mid 19th century, with a large influx of Scandinavian immigrants. The city became a commercial center focused the wheat and timber trade, and its milling industry was once the largest in America. While the milling industry declined in the 1950s, Minneapolis continued to thrive as an economic hub. Several large corporate headquarters are situated in the city, and industries like banking, retail, health care and computer technology still comprise a vital part of the city's economy. Minneapolis and the adjoining city St. Paul together form the Twin Cities of Minneapolis, which is the third largest urban area in the Midwest. The downtown area sits on the west bank of the Mississippi River and features several lakes, creeks and parks. The city is home to a diverse population of around 350,000, with many of the residents being immigrants from Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Somalia, Mexico and Latin America. Minneapolis is filled with culture and history, and the architecture varies from 20th century structures to modern buildings in more hip areas of town. For a contemporary feel, head to the old industrial districts around downtown; this is where you can find gems like remodeled warehouse-style lofts. While Minneapolis is a fairly quiet city, it is not for nothing that locals choose to call it Mini Apple in reference to its larger counterpart. In fact, for a medium-sized city, Minneapolis offers quite the vibrant arts and entertainment scene, with lots of local musicians, indie acts and major art galleries. One of the galleries worth visiting is the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, a capacious and all-encompassing gallery featuring art from every area and from all over the world. The city even holds the Art Fair Weekend each year, which draws collectors from all corners of the country. The coffee-culture is another thriving phenomena in Minneapolis, with many of the cafes being minor music venues, art galleries and community socializing spots. Performing arts is another great source for entertainment, and those who enjoy classical music should visit the Orchestra Hall in downtown, where the Minnesota Orchestra performs. Modern dance can be seen at the Northdrop Auditorium, while the Guthrie Theatre offers memorable plays and musicals. For more theatre, there's plenty to choose from in fact, there's an entire theater district on the west side of downtown, and another cluster of venues in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood!
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