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Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Welcome to Methuen, Massachusetts.
The City of Methuen is located in Essex County and home to around 47,000 people. The area was first settled in 1642 and the city was incorporated in 1726. The city was named after Sir Paul Methuen, a member of the King's Privy Council. Methuen grew during the 19th century much thanks to Methuen Cotton Mills, and the manufacturing of hats and shoes. There were three prominent families who were instrumental in much of the city's history and development the Nevins, the Tenneys and the Searies. The families were a vital part in founding many of the Methuen landmarks, like the Nevins Memorial Library, the Searies building, Tenney Gatehouse, Nevins Home, Spicket Falls and the Civil War monument. In 1992, the City of Methuen established the Searies Tenney Nevins Historic District; in order to preserve the unique architecture and rich character in one of the most distinct neighborhoods in Massachusetts. Today, the three families' artistic vision is displayed in the many mills, historic residences and schools, churches and more. Residents of this beautiful city are blessed with plenty green space, including the Forest Lake; a recreational pond that covers over 55 acres nestled up against the Methuen town forest. This is a great place to engage in activities like fishing, canoeing and swimming. For culture, visit the Methuen Memorial Music Hall, which was constructed to house the Great Organ. The organ case is as large as a house and features a bust of J.S. Bach as its central ornament.
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