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California, U.S.A.
Welcome to Menlo Park, California.
The city lies in the eastern edge of San Mateo County of the San Francisco Bay Area, and is home to around 32,000 people. Menlo Park is known for being one of the most educated cities in America, with almost 70% of the population holding an advanced degree. Furthermore, the city has been named one of the top 15 US cities to live when you're rich and single. The city comprises several diverse neighborhoods that all display their own unique style and color. Menlo Park is proud of its Tree City USA community status, which was earned thanks to the 10,000 plus trees that are planted throughout the city. Menlo Park not only offers a rich and pleasant lifestyle, but abundant career opportunities the unemployment rate here is below two percent. It's also a convenient place from which to commute elsewhere in the Bay area, with an average travel time of around 25 minutes. The city can be described as somewhat of a rural suburb, but with all the conveniences of an urban metro. The prices here are quite steep, with the average residence going for a whopping $1.2 million. The city is sometimes called Sleepy Hollow of California, but there is plenty of action going on in this town. For instance, many of the nation's most massive companies are located nearby, like Facebook the city's top employer. Downtown Menlo offers a first class dining and shopping experience, including the Stanford Shopping Center. Down here you can find a plethora of attractions like museums, cultural districts, a vibrant nightlife, and all thinkable amenities!
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