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Welcome to Marina District, San Francisco.
This area of San Francisco was once nothing more but bay shallows, tidal pools and sand dunes, and it wasn't until the big quake in 1906 that the neighborhood really began to develop. Remains of devastated buildings was dumped into the then empty area and became the foundation for what is today one of the trendiest neighborhoods. With brand new apartment buildings, luxurious homes, and flashy restaurants and shops, it is a far cry from its former self. Burgeoning with 20- and 30-somethings, this neighborhood is a true fit for any shopaholic or cocktail-lover looking for a fun night on the town. In terms of culture, this isn't exactly a hub for the sophisticated - unless you count the latest fashion as art. Aside from the landmark Palace of Fine Arts, the Marina District is mainly the land of sporty cars, voguish youngsters and luxurious spas. But really, who can resist a margarita on one of the dreamy patios by the glittery Marina, or stores like Dress where you can find the latest Diane Von Furstenberg fashion? Spend your Saturday afternoon window-shopping in the lively Union and finish off your evening in true Marina style at one of the hip and crowded places down by Chestnut.
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