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Texas, U.S.A.
Welcome to Lubbock, Texas.
Lubbock is situated in northwestern Texas, and is home to almost 244,000 people. It is nicknamed Hub City for its position as a regional hub in the sectors of economy, education and health care. The area where Lubbock is located is commonly called the South Plains, which comprises the largest contiguous cotton-growing region in the world. Lubbock is a thriving city and was selected as the 12th best place to start a small business by CNNMoney.com; featuring a great business climate with low rents for commercial spaces, as well as a central location and a cooperative city government. The Texas Tech University was founded in Lubbock in 1923, and the Texas Tech University School of Medicine opened in 1969. Part of the Texas Tech University is a capacious museum, which houses the Lubbock Lake Landmark; an archeological and natural history preserve, which showcases nearly 12,000 years of human occupation in the region. Lubbock is famous for an event that occurred in 1951, called the Lubbock Lights. During this event, several different people saw a V-shaped formation of lights over the city, and the sightings were considered credible since some of the witnesses were respected science professors. They were even photographed and printed nationwide in large newspapers and in Life magazine. The US Air Force conducted an investigation regarding the phenomena, and concluded that it wasn't a hoax, but most likely a group of night-flying moths, or a specific bird species. Since then, many researches have disputed these explanations, and the Lubbock Lights remain a mysterious legend to this day. The City of Lubbock features a vibrant musical scene, and was the birthplace of rock and roll legend Buddy Holly. A cultural center in town is named after him, and the city has long hosted the annual Buddy Holly Music Festival. After Holly's widow increased usage fees for his name, the city started renamed it the Lubbock Music Festival. For those who truly want to experience the music life in Lubbock, the Depot District is the place to be. This funky old railroad depot area is dedicated to music and nightlife, and you'll find a number of excellent theaters, fancy restaurants and cultural attractions down here, as well as several shops, pubs and nightclubs and even a winery. If you're interested in history, make sure to stop by the Silent Wings Museum, which features photographs and artifacts from World II-era glider pilots.
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