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Welcome to Roxbury, Boston.
Roxbury was previously its own town until it was officially recognized as a neighborhood in 1868. Back when Roxbury was a town, it included the current neighborhoods of Jamaica Plain, Roslindale, West Roxbury, South End and much of Back Bay. Today, the neighborhood of Roxbury has its borders at Hammond Street, Davenport Street and East Lenox Street. What was once a farming community is now a thriving cultural arts community with a rich culture. The historical neighborhood, which is home to the famous Shirley Eustis House, has undergone massive revival with hundreds of new business and residence additions. The areas of Dudley Square, Crosstown and Grove Hall areas have been thoroughly revitalized from overall vacancy to a progressive commercial district. Visit the Roxbury Center for Arts, Culture, and Trade, a center focused on enriching the community with visual and performance arts, as well as classes open to the public. Several initiatives have been followed through to improve the community, like a new police station, child services and "Youth Build Boston"-programs. In addition, Roxbury is eco-friendly and energy-efficient, as well as handicap friendly. The progressive neighborhood has also introduced the first urban farm in the city with open community gardens. So if planting your own tomatoes sounds like fun, Roxbury might be just up your alley! The architecture around the area is being revitalized as well, with both new construction and renewal of old historical buildings. The aim is to provide affordable housing for those in need, which is another wonderful initiative by the neighborhood. Several of these homes are located on the Dudley Street Initiative land trust, which means they can't fall into the market rate, thus keeping then within rent control limits. Art and education is a big thing in Roxbury, and the community has plenty of programs geared toward youth in acting, culture and more. In addition, the colleges in Roxbury host workshops for the whole community and have an open door policy for its theatre Main Stage. Should you find yourself in this lovely enclave, be sure to enjoy all the museums, parks and recreation, and of course the annual film festival!
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