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Welcome to Lower Arroyo, Pasadena.
Lower Arroyo is a neighborhood in Pasadena, surrounded by the Holly, Columbia and San Rafael Streets, as well as Orange Grove Boulevard. The neighborhood is centered round the Arroyo Seco river, north of Brookside Park. The most notable landmark in Lower Arroyo is the Colorado Street Bridge, which crosses the Arroyo Seco River. The bridge was constructed in 1913 by the firm Waddell & Herrington, and is features distinctive Beaux Arts arches, light standards and railings. The Colorado Street Bridge is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and was the site of the beginning of The Amazing Race season 21. In the show, the contestants had to rappel down the side of the bridge to the cars they would use to start the race. Every summer, the bridge is closed for the festival A Celebration on the Colorado Street Bridge, which is hosted by the historic preservation group Pasadena Heritage. The area at the floor of Arroyo Seco on both sides of the flood channel is known as Lower Arroyo Park. The park covers around 150 acres of open space and numerous hiking trails open to the public. This area also features a fly casting pond and clubhouse, an archery range, a community center, a bird sanctuary and a memorial grove. Visitors can explore a wide variety of native and naturalized plants, which serve as a habitat for an array of insects and small mammal species. In terms of education, the Lower Arroyo neighborhood is home to the San Rafael and Cleveland Elementary Schools, as well as the Blair Middle and High Schools and Mayfield Senior High School.
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