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California, U.S.A.
Welcome to Los Altos, California.
The city is home to around 29,000 residents and is located on the southern end of the San Francisco Peninsula. The name Los Altos means the heights or foothill in Spanish, and this was originally an agricultural town where most of the buildings were small vacation cottages. That has since changed, and Los Altos today is an affluent community where most of the locals commute to the larger Bay areas for work. The commercial district is located in downtown Los Altos, with the exception of smaller shopping strips and office parks along the Foothill Expressway and El Camino Real. Los Altos isn't very cheap and house prices can be quite staggering. The citizens here can afford it though, with a median income of around $157,000. Schools in the area are renowned for their high quality education, and many of the Los Altos high school graduates continue their studies at prominent universities. The city of Los Altos is actively working to preserve its rural surroundings and the town has very few sidewalks. Many of the roads still have wide dirt shoulders and no street lining, and the civic center is located in the middle of one of the remaining orchards that once covered the area. Because Los Altos offers so little in terms of commercial zones, the downtown area has had some competition from nearby shopping centers and chain stores. Hence, a large part of the city politics is focused on revitalizing the downtown area and adding more recreation to visitors and residents. So be on the lookout for Los Altos, because this town is only getting better!
"N/A" by Jacob Kaplan-Moss as licensed under CC BY 2.0
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