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Welcome to Little Five Points, Atlanta.
This district lies on the east side of downtown, and was established in the 1900s as a commercial area; adjacent to the Inman Park and Candler Park. Throughout the years, Little Five Points (also called L5P, LFP and Little Five) has become known as Atlanta's equivalent to the culturally diverse Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco.The neighborhood is a true melting pot with its many sub-cultures, and has been referred to as the bohemian center of the South. The name Little Five Points refers to the center of downtown Atlanta, an area called Five Points. The Little part of the name derives from the intersection of the neighborhoods, and the Five Points refers to the streets Euclid Avenue, Moreland Avenue, Fulton, DeKalb and Seminole Avenue. Because the Seminole point was turned into a plaza, an actual five-point no longer exists; although, some people mean that McLendon Avenue is the new fifth point. Some of the earliest streetcars in the city ran across this neighborhood, and the trolley lines converged at one of the first large shopping centers of Atlanta. Before the 1960s, the neighborhood of Little Five Points thrived, but unfortunately the proposition of a freeway through the district caused many people to move. In the 70s, the area had become largely dilapidated, but thanks to an urban revival, the neighborhood was restored a decade later. An important factor in the area's revitalization, was that the neighborhood's merchants formed Little Five Points Partnership; an organization that worked for expansion of retail stores and restoration of the old Victorian architecture. The Little Five Points neighborhood is famous for its alternative culture, and the community prides itself with features like an indie radio station, independent bookstores, record stores and eclectic coffee shops. Young skaters frequent the popular skate shop Stratosphere Skateboards, which is run by pro skateboarders. Down here you'll also find an abundance of specialty shops, boutiques and larger retailers. In terms of culture, you have three theaters to choose from as well as a major music venue and a community music school. Restaurants, bars and festivals abound, so you will never have a boring moment in Little Five Points!
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