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Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Welcome to Lawrence, Massachusetts.
Situated around 25 miles north of Boston, Lawrence is an epitome of diversity. Lawrence is home to around 70,000 residents and thanks to its colorful blend of people from all over the world, it is known as Immigrant City. Lawrence was founded in the 1840s as the first industrial city in the country. Its location by the Merrimack River allowed for large mills producing jobs for workers that came from every imaginable country, like Canada, England, Germany, Italy and Poland. Today, the population largely comprises Hispanics, which has given the overall town culture a charming Latino twist. Today's Lawrence is an urban center where a big portion of the town's economy coming from the manufacturing industry. The community has managed to thrive despite much of the country's production being moved overseas, and Lawrence still boasts a strong textile, apparel and shoe industry. Plenty of major companies are located here, including New Balance, Cardinal Shoe and Grieco Brothers. The city of Lawrence offers its residents top quality health care and excellent schools in a safe environment, as well as an abundance of recreational options. There are many historical and cultural attractions in town for residents and visitors alike. Outdoor enthusiasts especially enjoy The Lawrence Community Boating Program, which allows participants to sail the lively waters of the Merrimack River. History buffs can explore The Lawrence Heritage State Park, a 23-acre historic preservation of the city-life of immigrant mill workers, while art lovers can visit the Essex Art Center. There is truly no end to the ethnic festivities in Lawrence, and no matter what time of year, there is some sort of festival going on to celebrate the town's wealth of diversity and strong history.
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