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Welcome to Laguna Honda, San Francisco.
This neighborhood is associated with Forest Hill, and lies at the feet of its affluent hilltop neighbor. It is famous for the Laguna Honda Reservoir, a breathtaking and serene place to appreciate your surroundings. While not open to the public for swimming, it is still a gorgeous spot to enjoy the day and a lovely addition to the city of San Francisco. Laguna Honda is a community that cares for its elders, and the Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center has a long history. The center has been open since 1867 when it took care of the first generations of San Franciscans - the Gold Rush Pioneers. Back in the day when people had come west to seek fortune in gold and silver, many were left poor and with nowhere to stay. The burgeoning city accommodated the many people in need by building a wood frame building on the old San Miguel Rancho west of Twin Peaks. The rancho used to be the property of Jose de Noe, who was mayor when San Francisco was still part of Mexico. Here in Laguna Honda, folks could grow their own crops and raise animals, and on the steep slope behind Twin peaks a natural spring led to a deep lagoon a laguna honda. The building was known as the Almshouse, which before the 20th century was a word that meant refuge for the needy, ill and impoverished. Today, the community of the Almshouse has grown into a hospital area serving people of a wide variety of clinical and social needs and from diverse cultural backgrounds.
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