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Welcome to Kirkwood, Atlanta.
Kirkwood is a designated historic neighborhood situated in east Atlanta. Once a streetcar suburb, it was designed by architect Will Saunders and rests solely on the grounds of DeKalb County. The areas that surround Kirkwood are Lake Claire, East Lake, Edgewood and Oakhurst. Before the civil war, some of the highest standing families of the area were the Kirkpatrick's, the Dunwoody's, and Clay's. Most likely, the name Kirkwood is therefore a blend of the two names Kirkpatrick and Dunwoody. Kirkwood is characterized by a large collection of Victorian houses and Craftsman bungalows, as well as some newer homes that are built in a fitting traditional style. This beautiful, old neighborhood is the largest historic district in all of Georgia in terms of historical resources over 2000 of them, in fact. One of the landmarks is the Kirkwood School, which was built in 1910. Later, it was reconstructed into loft apartments and today serves as a wonderful example of restoration and modern re-use combined. The most commonly seen residential style in Kirkwood is the classic Craftsman bungalows, known for their simple lines and laid back functionality. The bungalows create a stark but quaint contrast to the more elaborate and prolific Victorian homes of the later 19th century. At the turn of the 20th century, architect Frank Ruggles designed quite a few homes in the area, and today the Ruggle-bungalows are highly sought-after properties. Downtown Kirkwood has become somewhat of a small town in the big city, with its own post office, brand new fire station, police precinct and public library. In addition, the residents have access to a plethora of retail stores and dining establishments, as well as spas, galleries, specialty shops, bars and more. Kirkwood is also home to numerous parks such as Coan Park and Gillian Park, providing residents and visitors with ample green space. In addition, this vibrant community holds plenty of events throughout the year, like the Kirkwood Spring Fling and the Kirkwood Wine Stroll!
"Kirkwood, GA" by Paul Sableman as licensed under CC BY 2.0
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