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Welcome to Jefferson Park, Denver.
Jefferson Park is both a neighborhood and a park, situated on a bluff to the northwest of Downtown Denver. It's excellent location provides residents with stunning views of downtown and Denver's Central Platte Valley. Jefferson Park is a great area for those who are tired of long commutes and who are looking for affordable housing in an urban environment. Thanks to controlled investments and careful development, there have been many positive changes to the neighborhood, like new paved alleys, beautified blocks, planted trees and upgraded curbs. Today, it is actually considered one of the hottest neighborhoods of the city thanks to the downtown proximity and overall positive atmosphere. Jefferson Park has a distinct look, marked by a variety of architectural styles from different eras. There are 19th century single-family homes, mixed with apartment complexes constructed in the 1950's, together creating an eclectic and quaint appearance. The neighborhood has received several new local additions, including the Sexy Pizza, Crossfit Jefferson Park and Jefferson Park Pub. New apartment complexes are built and old ones are being revived, and it's safe to say that Jefferson Park is an area on the rise! In fact, rumors say that Jefferson Park with its terrific views and downtown proximity, will become the next place to boom after the Highland neighborhood.
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