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Florida, U.S.A.
Welcome to Gainesville, Florida.
The small city of just above 127,000 residents is located centrally in the sunny state. While summers tend to be hot and humid in typical Florida fashion, its location allows for a bit more variety over the seasons, with November throughout March reaching fairly cold temperatures. Gainesville is known as the Tree City for it's rich tree canopy, which contains a plethora of species including broadleaf evergreens, conifers and many others. One of the more notable institutions of the city is the University of Florida, the third largest university campus in the USA. As a consequence, Gainesville prides itself being a town with a large number of college-educated residents. The only downside to this fact is that although living is affordable, the competitive job market is fierce. Gainesville is all about wellness, and was named the Healthiest City of America in 2003 when becoming the only city in the country who achieved the Gold Well City award 60 % of the city's workforce participated in the challenge. As far as entertainment, this Florida gem won't leave you disappointed. Gainesville is an avid supporter of the visual arts, and each year several major festivals take place.The Spring Arts festival and the Gainesville Improv Fair are only two of the popular events happening in this cultural hotspot. Perhaps even more notable is the music scene. The legendary Hollywood star River Phoenix had Gainesville club Hardback caf as his main base in the 1980s, and his family is still active in the rock scene; mainly Rain Phoenix's band Papercranes and Liberty Phoenix's store Indigo. The city was named The Best Place to Start a Band in the United States by Blender Magazine, with its article citing the large student population, cheap rent, and friendly venues as reasons.
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