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Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Welcome to Franklin, Massachusetts.
Franklin is a town in Norfolk County and is home to 33,000 people. This is where you will find America's first library, where no one less than Benjamin Franklin himself donated the very first books. Franklin is also home to the largest Catholic parish in the Boston Archdiocese; St. Mary's Catholic Church, with around 15,000 members. The town has a long history, which goes back all the way to 1660 when Europeans first settled the area. Franklin was officially incorporated during the American Revolution in 1778, when the town was named after the statesman Benjamin Franklin. Franklin can boast being the birthplace of America's father of public education, Horace Mann, as well as the country's oldest operational one-room school-house. The Red Brick School opened its doors in 1792 and operated until 2008. The town actually has its own theme song, which was composed by one of the town residents. Music teacher James H. Barrett wrote, The City Known as the Town of Franklin, and the song reflects the distinct characters of the town; the library, the schoolhouse and the birthplace of Horace Mann. For shopping and dining, head to Downtown Franklin, where you will find a plethora of establishments along Union Street. In the past, street lines here used to be painted red, white and green to reflect the town's Italian heritage. Outdoor fun can be had at the Beaver Pond, where there is an AstroTurf playing and recreation field as well as a playground. The park is a popular spot during summer months, when residents come to swim, sunbathe, fish and play volleyball. One particular feature in Franklin is the old abandoned mills from the Industrial Revolution. Some of these have been turned into new developments like condos and multi-use commercial businesses. The Brookdale Mill for instance, which is today an upscale restaurant, or the mill on Hayward Street, which has been converted to fancy retail.
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